Do you give financial help?
Pimpernel is not primarily a grant giving charity. However, it can make small one-off grants for things such as equipment or as a contribution to respite care costs.

How do I pay for care?
This is a coomplex area but Section 1 of our Guide for the Elderly (available on our Publications page) lists some useful websites and telephone numbers.

What assistance can I expect from social services?
Everyone is entitle to a care budget assessment by Social Services even if you have to pay for care yourself. Your GP is a good starting point but do contact us if you need further advice.

How do I go about choosing a nursing/residential care home?
Pimpernel has a database of care homes in the UK. Please contact us so we can assist you in your search. Section 4 of our Guide for the Elderly (available on the Publications page) gives good advice as well as listing UK providers.

How do I go about appointing someone to act for me on my property and financial affairs when I become incapacitated?
You need to draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney NOW before you need it. Ask your solicitor or do it yourself online. Forms can be found here

How can I ensure that I am not given treatment that I do not wish to receive, or that my family have power to take health decisions on my behalf?
You can draw up a Lasting Power of Attorney for Healthand Welfare (registration of this can take eight weeks) or you can make an Advance Decision which comes into effect as soon as it has been signed and witnessed correctly. Both forms are available here

Can you help me find travel insurance now that I am over 70?

Yes, we keep a list on our Publications page of travel insurance companies which cater for the older traveller and for those with pre-existing health conditions

What help is available for the care of someone who wishes to remain at home?

Section 2 of our Guide for the Elderly, available on our Publications page, covers this topic.

Who can I turn to for advice on dementia?
Speak to our Medical Helpline (contact the office for the telephone number) or contact Alzheimer's: telephone 0300 222 1122 website:

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