Archived Newsletters

Winter 2013 - Joining the digital world, being aware of scams, learning how to computer surf, SilverLine helpline, shingles, flu and pneumococcal vaccines, Sit Stop scheme, Age UK shopping service, keeping a healthy brain, and more.....

Spring 2014 - Leaving a will, car insurance, travel insurance, Powers of Attorney, Solar panels and more.....

Summer 2014 - Loneliness, retirement vallages, checking your hearing, insurance, computer tablets/software for the elderly, Dementia Friends, and more ..... view
Winter 2014 - Small grants, funding tips, checking your hearing, updating your Civil Service Pension records, Age UK Lifebook, emergency information bottle, memory suitcase for dementia, and more..... view
Spring 2015 - The pimpernel website, Government changes to Care & Support, your digital legacy, FCO's "know before you go" campaign, help with tax returns, vat-free mobility aids and more ..... view 


Summer 2015 - Beware of scams, Are you lonely, Want a buddy, Driving License changes, Hearing aids, Disability issues, EHIC cards and more view
Winter 2015 - Our volunteers, Pets as therapy, Keeping well in winter, Vehicle licencing tax, Had a stroke?, Financial services compensation scheme, Smart meters and more ...... view
Spring 2016 - Would you live there?, Power cuts, Remote control sockets, Passport aware, Need help at home, Men in sheds, Singing the praises of... view
Summer 2016 - Calling all Carers, Snippets, Skin cancer, Message from Cyprus and more.....
Winter 2016 - Citizens advice, lasting power of attorney, Carers statement, Keeping well in winter, Village agents, Vitamin D deficiency, Twiddlemuffs and more..... view
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